Time to Consider Wooden Windows

More common than you know is the use of uPVC as a material for the installation of windows but timber is an option that will simply outshine uPVC in durability, reliability, and much more. Natural materials produce fewer environmental toxins than man-made options, too, allowing you to work with a sustainable resource rather than adding more plastic to the world. The choice is yours, of course, but knowing just why timber is the better option may help you to more easily come to a conclusion of your own when you choose to replace your windows.

Time to Consider Wooden Windows


Timber window frames simply look better in nearly every instance than other materials because they add a natural, eye-catching appeal to the property. Moreover, you may choose from a wide variety of timber and finish options or you may choose to paint the frames so that you tailor your frames to your unique style and tastes as a homeowner. For example, you may choose a maple, mahogany, or oak frame, all of which come with a significantly different look and you may also have the frame carved or stained so that you never need to worry about the look of your windows falling short of spectacular.

Easy Repairs

Timber window repair in Scotland is not only reliable but it is highly cost-effective, allowing you to lengthen the lifespan of your windows by years, if not decades so that you make the most of your new investment. Properly maintained and repaired timber will never rot away or cause problems during even the most severe of weather conditions, allowing you peace of mind after installation that your investment will pay off in the end. The men and women who provide such repair services are also happy to help you spot any problems as they occur so that you need not to spend more than you must to keep your windows beautiful in the coming years.


Timber is one of the best and most natural insulating materials available so the interior temperature of your home will continue to be comfortable throughout the year. This insulation will help you to reduce your annual energy spending by a significant margin, potentially helping you to save hundreds of pounds each year, and it is already cost-effective in its own right so that your investment will quickly repay itself. This will also reduce the emission of carbon from your home and more while you continue to keep your household warm in the winter months and go about your daily routine.


Modern timber options are more resistant to the elements due to various finishes available and choosing to have a finish applied or a layer of paint placed on the timber will ensure that this is the case. Even during heavy downpours of rain, sleet, hail or any other type of damaging weather, you are sure to have the same beautiful timber window frames that you did before the poor weather started. This assurance will more than help you have peace of mind throughout the year and you may choose to paint your frames a different colour each year to truly keep your home unique in your neighbourhood.

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