The Most Detailed Steps for Choosing the Living Room Furniture

The living room is the most frequently used space for the family members and the people who come to visit you. Having an excellent layout for the living room can improve your whole home decoration atmosphere. How to choose living room furniture?

The Most Detailed Steps for Choosing the Living Room Furniture

Step one, making plans

The home decoration is not an easy thing. You not only need to apply to the step by step procedure but also make plans for your layout and furniture choices.

Living Room Furniture

1, measure the size: Use a tape measure, yardstick or meter stick to measure the length and width of your living room. Meanwhile, pay attention to the corners and the tilt part. What is more, you should measure the size of the door and window so that you can avoid the condition that the furniture you purchased cannot get into the room.

2, a sketch drawing for the floor: You should decide how much space you can spare for the furniture. Try to sketch out a few different ways that furniture can fit into the room. Besides, some spare spaces have to be prepared between the furniture so that you will not feel difficult to clean and tidy the room.

3, how the room will be used: If your living room will be frequently used such as family leisure and children playing places, you need to buy the sturdy and stain resistance without sharp brim furniture. Whereas if space is only served as welcoming the occasional guests, you may choose the furniture whatever makes you satisfied.

Step two, pick the furniture

1, Start with the indispensable furniture: Almost every living room has a sofa and the coffee table and the TV shelf. Therefore, look for these basic elements before adding the extra furniture such as side tables.

2, Buy the furniture with good quality: Buy the furniture with good quality. It is a kind of investment. The good quality furniture may cost you a little more, but without the doubt that they will have a longer service life so that you will not spend time choosing and buying another in a short time.

3, choose the furniture material: Normally, the wood made furniture is durable and easy to clean.

4, Test the strength of the frame: You may sit on or put some heavy articles to find whether it has a movement for the frame. At the same time, shake the furniture for twice or more times to find out whether the frame is solid.

5, coordinate the decoration themes: Every room has a theme. Therefore, you should try to keep all the furniture in the same or similar theme in one room. Otherwise, your room will look chaotic and thrown together without aesthetic feeling.

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