Modern Living Room Ideas: Does Less Really Mean More?

Homes are meant to be comfortable and inviting, the kind of places that we can’t wait to get back to after time away at work, on holiday or a day shopping – whatever it might be. We try our best to turn our homes into places filled with the kind of things define us as people with our interests, favorite’s and passions shown throughout the property; yet many of us go too far sometimes and spoil the effect.

Modern Living Room Ideas: Does Less Really Mean More?

It’s a difficult balance to get right, the combination between style and incorporating the things we like. Even the professional interior designers that we see on television struggle sometimes and within the hour-long episode we can see them adding and adding to a room while we scream “stop you’ve gone too far!”

The living room is the most difficult to get right because it’s where we spend most of our time. After a long day at work you just want to sit on a comfortable sofa or chair, watch a bit of television and relax – you don’t want to go in and think “I really hate this room”, “I despise those curtains” or “it’s too dark in here, that paint is terrible.”

When you get those feelings you tend to find that you spend more of your time in other areas of the house, like the kitchen, dining room, conservatory or, even worse, someone else’s house! When you’re spending more time away from your home than in it, it’s a bit worrying, but there are some good things to come out of it.

The main one being that you can pick up plenty of living room ideas from your friends and family. By sitting on their sofa or looking at the furniture they have in the room you can pick up plenty of tips for your own house – one of which being along the modern trend of “less is more.”

We’re being encouraged to have less ‘stuff’ in our homes and going with a more modern and contemporary look with designer types of furniture like rounded coffee tables with no legs, corner sofas and elaborate lighting with next to nothing on the walls. Does that work though?

In the majority of cases, yes, it does. Sometimes properties can look empty when you take the less is more approach, but in others, it can help to draw the eye to features like flat-screen televisions mounted on the wall, an antique mirror or possession that you’re really proud of.

It certainly works when you have young children. As parents, we’re worried about them catching themselves on the hard corners of furniture, and modern rounded items take that concern away. By incorporating less into the room there is also less for them to knock over as they go exploring around the house (which is very nice!)

Then for us adults, there is the ability to have plenty of space to entertain guests. With increased floor space you can bring in extra “emergency furniture” that you save for special occasions, or you can push the furniture to one side and play plenty of games (a good game of Twister is always a laugh no matter how old you get!)

So to all extents and purposes, the less is more approach really does work and it even helps you to have more ideas – because there is less to consider! Narrowing down your options to what you love and what you need is the main consideration. As long as you’re comfortable and want to spend time there…you’ve cracked it.

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