Ho to Do Your Own Steel Doors Repair

Steel doors are everywhere around you, in fact, you might be surprised at how common they are. As they are made from steel it is difficult for someone to kick them down or simply cut through them.

Ho to Do Your Own Steel Doors Repair

They certainly can’t get in quietly unless you have skimped on the security hinges.

But it is possible for a steel door to be dented and you will need to know how to complete steel doors repair. This can save you a great deal of money while retaining the integrity of your door.

You may wonder why it is necessary but a dented steel door does more than look scruffy. It attracts unwanted attention and becomes a target as it appears weakened.

To complete steel doors repair you need to follow these steps:

Remove the door

You’ll need to lift the door off its hinges or unscrew it, depending upon what time of hinges you have. You will then be able to lay it flat on a good work surface. This is important to ensure you get a smooth finish on your steel doors repair.

Remove the Paint

The next step is to remove the paint or any other covering layer so that you have access to the dent and the steel is exposed. It is easiest to complete this stage with an electronic sender.

Filling It

You can now mix some standard vehicle filler. You can buy this ready to use or you might need to mix it yourself. Once you have it ready simply push it firmly into the dent.

You do not want to fill the dent past the original door level. In fact, it is best to add several layers as each layer dries. This will ensure you get the finish as close to the original door level as possible.

It is much easier to add more filler than it is to remove lumps and this stuff hardens quickly. Keep the filler level with the door.


Once the filler has set you can lightly sand it to ensure it matches the finish level of the door. It generally takes approximately 30 minutes for the filler to harden enough to sand.


Once you have sanded the door and got the filler level with the door finish you can prime the filled area. This will protect it from damp and other environmental factors which could cause the door to start rusting.

You will then need to repaint the door. It is not advisable to complete your steel doors repair by just painting the primer, the join line will always be visible. Instead, you need to paint the entire door to provide a uniform finish.

Once this has dried you will be able to re-hang the door and no one will ever know where the dent was!

One tip worth remembering is that if the dent is in a bottom couple of inches a repair is not necessary; just fit a kickboard instead.

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