Four Essential Guest Bedroom Items

If you have a spare bedroom in your home, it’s a great idea to use it as space where any potential guests that you may have can stay comfortably for the time that they are with you.

Four Essential Guest Bedroom Items

Yet, as it’s a room which is only ever going to be used on a temporary basis, you aren’t going to want to furnish it to an ultra-high standard. Whilst you’ll want your guests to be impressed with their stay, you really only need to spend money on kitting it out with the most essential items.

Here are some basic items which you should get for your guest bedroom…


Beds and mattresses can be quite expensive, though it is true that you get what you pay for. Those who really want a good night of sleep know that to achieve this they are going to need to pay a premium – when it comes to your own bed, you don’t mind doing this as you’ll be using it yourself every night. It’s unlikely though that you’ll want to do the same in the guest bedroom. A cheap frame with a middle-of-the-range mattress may be a solution where – you do want your guests to get some sleep after all!

The alternative is to rent some furniture for the time that your guests are going to be there. Try having a look at Emblem Furniture for this purpose, they are a company that specializes in interior design for London show homes but also allow people to rent individual furniture items on a short term basis – far more affordable than buying something outright!


You don’t really need to go too flashy here. Ensure that the main light in the room has a basic, yet solid lampshade attached, and if you are trying to achieve a theme in the room or perhaps throughout the house then consider the color, size and/or size of this so it blends in with the rest of your home’s decor. It’s also worth putting a reading light on their bedside cabinet, so they can have this on in the evening and can reach it from their bed when they decide it’s time to go to sleep.


Things like curtains and bed sheets can cost quite a bit if you buy those from the more luxurious end of the price scale. For a guest bedroom, however, it is best to try and find fabric items which are a bit more basic yet look and feel nice and are clean in their appearance. Simple designs are best, though again, it’s best to try and find something which complements the decor and theme of the rest of the bedroom.


If your guests are staying for any length of time then they won’t want to be living out of their suitcase. Rather than buying an expensive, large wardrobe, invest in a simple chest of drawers where they can at least take their clothes out of their bag and keep them neatly folded away out of view. Another affordable option may also be a clothes rail, which will allow them to hang any items which they don’t want to be creased like shirts or dresses.

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