Designing the Most Secure Door

It might seem like criminals would choose something less obvious than your door for their break-ins, but it’s actually the most common way someone breaks into a home. The reason is counterintuitive; because the door is so obvious, passersby don’t assume that someone at your front door is doing anything illicit. They hide in plain sight. One of the ways they break into your house is also incredibly simple. If you have windows, they often just break the window and reach through the window opening to unlock your door. If you don’t have windows or if that’s not a viable option, they will often snap off the lock.

Designing the Most Secure Door

Lock Snapping

Lock snapping is exactly what it sounds like. Criminals will use a tool that applies a perpendicular force to your door lock; the lock snaps off and the locking mechanism goes with it. At that point, the door is unlocked, and they can walk into your home. One of the ways to reduce that possibility is by buying a door that has a snap-proof lock. Snap-resistant locks are designed by locksmiths; they snap when force is applied but they snap at a predesigned weak spot that leaves the locking mechanism intact. Though the lock might be snapped, the door remains locked. You also need the safest possible bespoke door design in Scotland.

Secured by Design

Secured by Design is a designation from the UK government that says a door is as safe as it possibly can be. Not every door qualifies for these rigorous standards, but if you are buying a new door, you need one that will. The door you buy will be secured in several different ways. The design of the door and the materials from which it is made are important to keeping you safe.

The hinges on the door should be secure because that’s another way criminals sometimes can get into a home. If the door is not fast against the frame and the hinges are exposed, they can simply take the door off the hinges. Therefore, you need doors that have proper hinges. You should have a choice about which ones you will buy. Furthermore, you need a door made out of reliable materials.

Composite materials or PVCU are great choices for doors that will resist criminals as well as fires. Resisting fires is part of keeping your home safe. While the door itself is not the only place that needs to be flame resistant, the insulation in your walls tends to slow down fires. In addition, a flame-resistant door could be important for anyone trying to get out of a home that is on fire. A quality door keeps you safe in many ways.

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