Bed Selection Tips for Your Bedroom That You Must Know

Bedroom décor has many elements and the bed is definitely the most important of all. The bed is the piece of furniture that is used the most in your house and you would almost pass one-third of your life on it. In spite of having a lot of importance and functionality, this crucial piece of furniture is often neglected. The bed is usually designed to fit the entire décor of the bedroom but there are many other factors too that govern the selection of the bed. If you have not yet decided your bedroom décor then start with a bed.

Bed Selection Tips for Your Bedroom That You Must Know


The comfort factor always comes first in your bed selection but there are many comfortable bed designs like Indian Bed, Canopy Bed, Wooden Day Bed, platform bed etc. that have their own reasons for selection.

Selecting the right bed

Twin Bed for Couple Bed – The twin bed or couple bed is the standard bed design. Two beds are connected in this design and two persons or couple can share this bed. The mattress laid on this bed would be of a double size and comes in a single piece. Such beds are quite comfortable and are the standard beds used in most of the households. If your bedroom also requires the standard piece of furniture then the twin bed would be the best choice.

Canopy Bed – If you want that royal look for your bedroom then canopy bed is the right choice. The canopy beds are available in single and twin bed designs. These beds can be used just to make the style statement or you can also add curtains for increased privacy. The canopy beds are a big hit amongst girls of all age. Your little princess will find this bed just like the wonderland.

Bunk Bed or Double Decker Bed – A big hit amongst kids, this bed is space saver too. If you want sleeping arrangement for two kids then this double-decker bed will accommodate both but occupy the space of one bed. This way you will get space for other knickknacks as well. The lower bed in this design can be kept bigger so as to accommodate two kids on the lower deck and one kid on the upper deck.

Single Bed – This is the most common bed design. It can be used for the bedrooms of senior citizens or for teenagers. If the room is being shared by two persons then two single bed separated by the bedside table can offer space and comfort both.

Platform Bed – Trendy and comfortable, platform bed is quite popular these days. It is a simple but elegant design of the bed. The popularity of this type of bed is there from years and the main attraction of this bed is its simplicity. The mattress in such bed would rest directly on the box frame of the bed and the comfort offered by such bed would be commendable. All you need to assure is the quality of bed as the low-quality bed would affect its longevity.

The designers are coming up with various bed designs in order to match the comfort and décor needs of the user. You can make the right choice of bed based on the above designs and also on the basis of color, size, shape, and use.

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