5 Tips for Choosing the Right Bathroom Faucet

It might seem a simple choice, but choosing the right bathroom faucet can make a world of difference to your bathroom experience. Faucets come in just about every shape and size, but all are unique to different types of bathroom sinks. If you are trying to decide the right American Standard bathroom faucet parts for you, take the following into consideration.

5 Tips for Choosing the Right Bathroom Faucet


A tiny faucet will underserve a large sink and a large faucet will overpower a tiny sink so you need to match the faucet size to your sink. There are also considerations related to appearance. Is your bathroom contemporary or traditional? Does the faucet you like fit your décor?


This seems simple but is often overlooked. What type of “work” will your faucet be doing and more importantly, what type of handle makes that work easier? Is this the master bath where luxury might be in order? Or is it the bathroom the kids will pound on the day in and day out? Is there an elderly person or child with smaller or less flexible hands using the faucet? Or is it more of a utility bathroom so “hands-free” is the best option?

Answering each of these will let you best fit your faucet to the way the faucet will most likely be used.


This is another often overlooked aspect of picking a faucet. Do any pre-drilled holes match up with the mounting arrangement on the faucet you want? Are all the access holes adequately covered by parts of the faucet? There is nothing worse than getting the faucet out of its packaging only to discover it cannot be used on the type of counter or sink you have installed.


Making sure that the components of a faucet are easily accessed for replacement parts like washers or cylinders is important, but so is making sure faucet is easy to clean. A faucet that “hides” gunk and grime from soap, dirty hands or even mildew is gross, but also can pose a health hazard.


Every faucet will eventually need repair and maintenance, but the faucet you choose should be manufactured towards keeping that at a minimum. One of the most common maintenance issues associated with faucets is dripping. Make sure your faucet has a lifetime or very long guarantee against dripping. One way of ensuring that is to make sure the faucet you choose has Ceramic Disc Valving.

Choosing a faucet that meets your needs and can do the job you want it to do requires some forethought. One way of doing that is to make sure you always buy American Standard bathroom faucet parts. Another is to consider how your faucet will be used and what you need before you make a purchase.

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